Tell Hainan stories well with films: president of Shanghai Film Group

Source: Xinhuanet| 2018-12-26 13:33:31|Editor: Yang Yi
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Hainan Province can develop its film festival with own characteristics and tell its stories well with films, said Ren Zhonglun, president of Shanghai Film Group.

He made the remarks at a forum held during the first Hainan International Film Festival.

The festival was held recently in the tropical coastal city of Sanya in the country's southern-most island province of Hainan.

According to him, film industry is a global industry and is not limited to any one area or one nation.

Therefore film festival is a good platform to promote international cooperation and exchanges, he added, noting he is full of expectation of the Hainan International Film Festival.

The first Hainan International Film Festival has a special event which showcases ten films featuring Peking Opera, Ren noted film can be an effective way to preserve national culture as it is a influential and widely-spread art form .

As for the future development, Ren said, Hainan Province as one of the best shooting locations in China can leverage its natural resources to turn out excellent films with local characteristics.