:::::: Deadly quake affects tourism in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
:::::: NAM ministers call for financial aid to Palestinians
:::::: UNDP helps reconstruct quake-hit Pakistani areas
:::::: Pakistan, India conclude 1st round security talks
:::::: Timor-Leste President to reshuffle cabinet
:::::: Metro Manila to reinforce 60 public buildings
:::::: Ship sinks off Karwar coast, 1 killed
:::::: Timor-Leste's president intends to sack two ministers
:::::: 10 bodies recovered after boat capsized in Kashmir lake
:::::: Musharraf phones Indonesian President to condole quake losses
:::::: Senior U.S. official to visit DPRK: S. Korean official
:::::: Newspaper office attacked in western Bangladesh
:::::: Roadside bomb kills 3 employees of USAID in Afghanistan
:::::: Firefight leaves 8 militants dead in S. Afghanistan
:::::: Armed men gun down 4 aid workers in Afghanistan
:::::: Violence continues in Timor-Leste
:::::: Japan court rejects appeal against Aum cult founder's death sentence
:::::: Pakistan striving for population stabilization
:::::: Singapore's new Cabinet sworn into office
:::::: Last batch of Indonesians evacuated from Dili
:::::: Australia more than doubles quake assistance to Indonesia
:::::: 5 abducted soldiers killed in NE. India
:::::: Policeman dies in blast in India-controlled Kashmir
:::::: Singapore, US start annual naval CARAT exercise
:::::: Thai cabinet approves fresh poll on Oct. 15
:::::: Two Thai medical teams to help Indonesian quake victims
:::::: NZ a great place to do business: WB
:::::: Earthquake jolts Indonesia's Wamena
:::::: ADB offers Indonesia $60 mln for rebuilding earthquake area
:::::: Localities affected by Foot-and-mouth disease increase in Vietnam
:::::: Last batch of Indonesians evacuated from Dili
:::::: Sri Lanka hopes EU ban will pin Tigers to talks
:::::: Unknown disease afflicts cows in Cambodia's Kandal province
:::::: Pakistan increases security for diplomats after Kabul riots
:::::: Another 51 disaster relief personnel leave Singapore for Indonesia
:::::: Timor-Leste thanks China for rice aid
:::::: 13 die of heat wave in Central Pakistan
:::::: Afghan official says agitators behind bloody riot in Kabul
:::::: Unknown persons blow up water pipeline in SW. Pakistan
:::::: Malaysia to send medical team to help Indonesian earthquake victims
:::::: Village chief shot dead in southern Thailand
:::::: ROK offers aid to Indonesian earthquake victims
:::::: Chinese medical team sets up field hospital in Indonesian quake zone
:::::: China to offer Indonesia disaster relief materials
:::::: Chinese medical team sets up field hospital in Indonesian quake zone
:::::: People in Timor-Leste try to get rice aid
:::::: 11th World Human Resources Congress opens in Singapore
:::::: About 2,000 Indonesians still waiting for evacuation in Dili
:::::: Military deserters ready for talk with Timor-Leste govt
:::::: Strong quake rocks Indonesia's Papua province
:::::: Timor-Leste police to join hands with foreign troops
:::::: Indonesia quake toll hits 5,427, cash aid tops $47 mln
:::::: Nepal to invite UN's involvement in peace process
:::::: Japanese govt endorses U.S. military realignment plan
:::::: Australian troops may stay in Timor-Leste until next year: FM
:::::: Kabul under curfew after bloody riots over U.S. road accident
:::::: East Timor descends into chaos
:::::: Indonesia quake toll tops 5,000
:::::: Chinese medical team arrives in Indonesian quake zone
:::::: Denmark to review reopening embassy in Pakistan
:::::: Pakistan releases 71 Indian fishermen
:::::: Pakistan Air Force to be equipped with latest aircraft, weapons: Musharraf
:::::: Landmine blast kills three girls in Pakistan's tribal region
:::::: Singapore to send more earthquake relief teams to Indonesia
:::::: Yogyakarta's quake damages 259 school buildings
:::::: India releases 59 Pakistani fishermen
:::::: India denies sending message to Sri Lanka guerrillas
:::::: International cash aid for Indonesian quake tops 47 million USD
:::::: NAM accepts two new members
:::::: 59 freed Pakistani fishermen return from India
:::::: Singapore welcomes first manufacturing investment from Kuwait
:::::: 4 soldiers killed in explosion in eastern Nepal
:::::: Japan to dispatch troops to Indonesia for quake relief
:::::: Thai Supreme Court judges to decide whether to nominate EC candidates
:::::: Indonesian leader urges quick aid distribution in quake zone
:::::: Indonesia sends warships, planes to marine border with Timor Leste
:::::: China extends $2 mln for Indonesia's quake victims
:::::: Pakistan confirms 2 nationals killed in Iraq
:::::: Quake survivors badly in need of supply as aid begins arriving in Indonesian
:::::: Singapore sends more earthquake relief supplies to Indonesia
:::::: Air raid kills 50 suspected Taliban militants
:::::: US military accepts responsibility for Afghan accident
:::::: Indonesian quake survivors beg for money, food on streets
:::::: China-ASEAN senior consultation opens in Cambodia
:::::: Thailand donates $100,000 for quake victims in Indonesia
:::::: Terrorists topic tops upcoming Pakistan-India talks
:::::: Denmark to help Nepal in peace process
:::::: Kim Dae-jung to visit Pyongyang soon
:::::: Protestors on rampage in Afghan capital
:::::: Visitor arrivals in Singapore up 16% in April
:::::: Pakistan spends US$16.7b on poverty alleviation
:::::: US Defense Secretary to visit Vietnam
:::::: President Musharraf hails for sports promotion
:::::: Dili refugees lack daily necessities
:::::: Heat kills 27 in Pakistan
:::::: Crisis paralyzes Timor-Leste
:::::: Timor-Leste's President holds emergency meeting
:::::: Demonstrators ask Timor-Leste's PM to resign
:::::: Indonesia declares state of emergency after quake
:::::: NAM convey condolences to Indonesian earthquake victims
:::::: NAM's goals remain relevant: Kofi Annan
:::::: 242 Chinese people leave Timor-Leste to escape riots
:::::: UAE PM to visit Pakistan on Tuesday
:::::: Bangladeshi Islamist militants sentenced to death
:::::: Philippine police chief to hold security talks with FBI Director in US
:::::: Malaysian PM urges NAM countries to help promote multilateralism
:::::: Former Japanese officials raps shrine visits
:::::: Australia pledges more assistance to Indonesia
:::::: Australia announces further aid for Timor-Leste
:::::: China, Japan start forum on energy saving co-op
:::::: Death toll from road accident in Afghanistan rises to 25
:::::: Airport in quake-hit Yogyakarta resumes operation
:::::: Indonesian president postpones visits to DPRK, ROK
:::::: Road accident triggers riot in Kabul
:::::: Philippines to conduct nationwide earthquake drills
:::::: Death toll from flood, mudslides rises to 77 in Thailand
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