Pic story: Shaxian Snacks in Sanming City, Fujian

Source: Xinhua| 2020-11-26 07:16:50|Editor: huaxia

Workers produce frozen dumplings at Shaxian Snacks Industrial Park in Sanming City, southeast China's Fujian Province, Nov. 18, 2020. Noodles boiled in bone soup served with peanut butter, and wontons filled with juicy meat in a sizzling soup -- these are the Shaxian delicacies that have swept across the streets of China. Shaxian delicacies, originating in Shaxian County in Fujian Province, have become well-known in China over the past few decades. At present apart from the application of automatic machines, semi-finished products are also distributed from the supply chain. Now over 88,000 stores with the name Shaxian Snacks are open across China, with annual turnover reaching nearly 50 billion yuan (about 7.6 billion U.S. dollars). (Xinhua/Jiang Kehong)

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