Alibaba unveils its first cloud computer Wuying

Source: Xinhua| 2020-09-19 15:48:50|Editor: huaxia

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technologies and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, unveiled its first cloud computer at the 2020 Apsara Conference. The cloud device is a palm-sized personal computer (PC). Despite being just about 60 grams and as light as an egg, it offers high-performance computing, thanks to robust back-end cloud resources. By connecting the cloud computer with a normal computer screen, a user can access computing resources anytime, anywhere, while paying on a subscription model or using it for actual cloud consumption. The high-tech device can reduce the rendering time for single frame high-resolution animation from 90 minutes on a traditional PC, down to only 10 minutes, the company said. China's Alibaba has unveiled its first cloud computer Wuying. As light as an egg and as small as your palm, the computer's capacity could be beyond your expectation. Click for details.